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Website Disappeared from Google search engine

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From the date of  March 20, 2009 My  Website ndroe.web.id decreased drastically the number of visitors that nearly 95% visitors of this website is missing, this decrease occurred until I wrote this article decline in visitors can be seen from the chart below:

On a graph of visitors who see a decrease suddenly and very drastically.
Today I just had time to investigate what happened to my website, and obviously I was shocked when I see my keywords none of whom appear in google pages, whereas 95% comes from my website visitors search engine google.

I am trying to find solutions from various sources for the problems that I experienced today. From the search results on this case, apparently this incident occurred and have often had many other websites are affected by this problem. Google search results about the problem itself noted some discussion by those webmasters who experience the same events as the events that I experienced. several parties complained that the website became a victim has to do with the SEO strategy is not reasonable or misguided way, when the case is not like that, a case that occurs is as follows:.

* Websites can be properly indexed by Google
* Search with keywords used in domain names can still get results even though sometimes fell into the swollen pages. Yet another search with the keyword did not find their website.
* The webmaster realize that their competitors SEO strategies can make them be thrown into the compound, but does not disappear completely from the search results
* Page Rank Position unchanged
* Google Search Results are in position before the beginning of the page

That’s the general view that happens to a problem I am going through right now, from my search results I get some of the assumptions why the sudden a lot of websites are missing from the google search results?
Assumptions and predictions

No one knows for sure how Google manages their SERP. These assumptions cause both negative and positive. Both negative and positive assumptions together is unclear, because Google always prefer silence to any policy.

Several possibilities that cause the website disappeared from Google search results.

1. Google made improvements on their system
This along with some websites will have bad effects like this to happen
2. Google re-indexing the total on the website Google may conduct an investigation into suspicions of the existence of a website against a black stream used SEO strategies webmaster. During this process prevent the visit to Google’s website by closing access to the respective websites by SERP.
3. Is going on Google Page Rank updates periodically doing a refresher on their database to menyesuakian page rank to websites on their index.
4. The web server hosting is down when Google’s robots are working, this causes the robot Google reported a case which is not relevant for their index and current condition.

In addition, these events can also be caused by the website itself, intentionally or not like;

1. The discovery of a link to or from websites that are included in the category of “criminals”, such as gambling, porn, SEO black flow and others.
2. There is duplication of content within the website or on another website.
3. The length of time required by the robot to unlock the corresponding website.
4. The discovery of things that violate the Google Webmaster Guidlines on the relevant website

Causes of this last mentioned, though not intentionally made will still cause the website is missing from search results because Google decided to conduct an investigation. What do I do a lot of things in the end suggests to just sit and wait until muncuk Finally, the website returned in search results. In many cases, websites can finally look back on the search results after some time. So if this happens on your website or blog, that should do is to keep running your website and conduct their own investigation into whether it is appropriate to your website with Google Webmaster Guidlines or not. And if it all still optimal, which can be done is to wait, hoping and praying that re-entry website in Google search results. There are several examples of cases and keeping this blog, I myself assume that this occurs because:

1. Upgrade to the themes that are in use, that might be robots Google see that this blog is a new blog and thought that owned the Google index is not relevant anymore so need to be checked.
2. SEO Strategy which is done with the example of Roy Suryo SEO strategy may lead to very powerful surge of visitors causing Google’s suspicious to me, let alone the many keywords that lead to this blog is “Rahma Azhari Bugil”, so that Google considers this blog endanger visitors because visitors disappointed Rahma Azhari bugil do not see here.
3. This blog may be included in the Supervision Fitted install Google AdSense Google result though is in Indonesian language on the previous edition that causes my AdSense account disabled after reaching $ 100.
4. The admin google also did not escape the man who forgot and neglectful, just maybe if the admin is not forget this blog exists or forget the URL of this blog because it was bizarre, as strange as the owner.

Is it true that there has been such a thing? Google and God only knows. Now it’s time I sit down, pray, anxiously hoping that the Almighty God finally showed the right path to Google and the robot.

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